Jamie Bender, L.Ac, DAOM


Dr. Jamie's passion for healing led her down a 20+ year journey of studying neuromuscular therapy, yoga therapy, nutritional therapy, herbal therapy, corrective exercise, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. This pathway keeps her endlessly fascinated as there is always more to learn about the body and each person presents their own unique puzzles to solve.

Jamie graduated from the Crestone Healing Arts Center with 650 hours of massage therapy training in 2000. In 2002, she completed her yoga teacher training at The Mount Madonna Institute and her certificate in herbal studies from The Northwest School of Botanical Studies.

A traumatic knee injury shifted her attention to orthopedics and injury rehab and furthered her fascination with helping the body heal. She then began studying neuromuscular reprogramming (NMR) and exercise rehab. After 10 years with an injury rehab practice, she completed her licensure in Acupuncture and her Doctorate in Orthopedic Acupuncture and Classical Chinese Medicine at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, Oakland, California.

Jamie teaches the Anatomy Labs for Acupuncturists series that prepares students to get the most out of each Spine & Extremities module.


Thanks to the expertise and skills that I developed through training with Anthony Von der Muhll, I landed a direct contract with Kaiser Permanente, which catapulted the success of my business. Because of my training, I was able to provide the highest level of care in terms of physical exam, charting, communicating with physicians, and most importantly, providing results-driven treatment, as was expected by Kaiser.

The rigorous training and education provided by Anthony proved to have a profound impact on my career and its success. I own 2 acupuncture clinics in Santa Cruz, California specializing in acupuncture orthopedics and pain management. Our business is growing and expanding with the vision in mind of creating employment opportunities for acupuncturists.

As part of the hiring process, we require that our acupuncturists complete certain courses with Anthony Von der Muhll, if they have not already done so, to uphold the highest standard of care. We are also more inclined to hire people from the pool of acupuncturists that have trained under Anthony, and especially those that have completed his 2-year certification program in acupuncture orthopedics.

-- DANIELE UZES D.A.O.M., L.AC., DMQ, President, Solis Acupuncture, Capitola, California, 2017, updated 2022

These courses gave me the most complete and useful set of skills I have learned in my 10+ years of eastern medicine education. The material studied and practiced over a weekend-intensive were immediately applicable in clinic the following week, and yielded quick (often immediate) positive outcomes for patients.

Doctor Von der Muhll is a fantastic, well-organized, and adaptive lecturer, and a consummate professional. With clear learning objectives, well explained concepts and ample supervised practice time, he always left room for (and helped foster) a collegial classroom atmosphere while still keeping class focused on track. He models professional scholarly and clinical behavior while still being friendly and approachable.

Clinically relevant, well-paced, and paradigm expanding for both newer and more seasoned practitioners, these courses elevate eastern medicine education. Truly a gift to our profession, I could not recommend anything more highly.

-- JASON P. SALIM, L.AC, MSTCM, DAOM, Oakland, California, 2022

I studied with Anthony Von der Muhl for several years while in the doctorate program at ACCHS, in Oakland CA. Anthony was the lead professor in orthopedic studies of the program. I can honestly say that what I learned in his classes transformed my practice and brought in a whole new stream of patients and referrals. The depth and the organization of the material made it immediately relevant in my clinic and I use the methods and approaches I learned in Anthony’s classes every day.

Anthony is a patient and gracious teacher - his classes are made accessible for anyone, independent of the background or knowledge. The content is presented in a methodical fashion, very well structured, supported with excellent notes, which makes it easy to go back to the material and review it later. Anthony always made sure the practical portions of his classes are well supported with assistance of his prior students, which made it so much easier for all of the participants.

As a teacher Anthony is generous and approachable, he continues to make contributions and answer questions even after the class work is done. I highly recommend Anthony’s seminars to anyone who wants to advance beyond basics of pain management and get into some serious applications of orthopedics acupuncture.

-- ANYA YUDIN-BAEHRLE, LAc., Niantic, Connecticut, 2022

As the acupuncture program manager for a national integrative healthcare provider, I witnessed first-hand how acupuncturists are increasingly being asked to perform at a standard of professionalism and integrative rigor that most educational programs simply fail to reach. Dr. Von der Muhll is one of a very select number of experts globally who has the knowledge, organizational skills, clinical effectiveness, and didactic chops to elevate the practice of those that are fortunate enough to study with him. Having been on numerous hiring committees for acupuncturists seeking positions on integrative care teams, I can testify first-hand that the clinical and communication skills taught in the AOM Pro program prepare practitioners to be leading candidates for these roles, and will put them light years ahead of others when it comes to working collaboratively with other licensed healthcare professionals.

In my role as the Clinic Director for an acupuncture school, Dr. Von der Muhll's concrete guidance on documentation, informed consent, scope of practice, and patient safety has been of tremendous assistance in maintaining top tier standards of care, instilling confidence that our student clinic was protecting both patients and providers.

As a practicing clinician, the advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques I learned in this program are skills that I use every day. I have significantly advanced my ability to communicate clearly with patients, while delivering real results. I can also speak confidently about trigger point needling, dry needle therapies, orthopedic acupuncture, and acu-prolo-therapy as an authority on all these needling techniques, not just the ones that I learned in my MSTCM program.

Lastly, Dr Von der Muhll has my admiration for his ongoing curiosity and respect for the roots of Chinese medicine, while continually exploring applications and insights from adjacent modern healthcare disciplines. His ongoing efforts support the survival of TCM in the 21st century. These integrative approaches are critical to bolster the practice and scope of acupuncturists at a time when other professionals begin to appreciate (and appropriate!) the power of our techniques. This passion and curiosity makes studying with Dr Von der Muhll truly transformative, and has my full-hearted recommendation.

-- JOE DAVIS, LAc., Oakland/Berkeley, CA, 2023

Anthony Von Der Muhll is one of the greatest teachers of Chinese Medicine that I have ever encountered. His teaching is clear, practical, and profound, all wrapped up in a professional commitment to delivering the highest level of instruction that is deeply inspiring. His work and teaching exemplify what it means to be a true physician and not a technician.

-- BRANDT STICKLEY, LAc., Doctoral Instructor, Portland, Oregon, 2022

Signing up for Dr. Anthony Von Der Muhll’s Orthopedic Program was one of the best decisions I ever made. Apart from learning a lot of the “nuts and bolts” of orthopedic testing, discerning
red flags, etc., this program has helped me develop the ability to visualize structures while discerning instabilities and mis-alignments. It has given me the tools and confidence to then effectively treat these problems, using innovative acupuncture techniques.

Being able to feel for the abnormalities in tissues and then deduct how that is linked to patient complaints allows for the development of powerful treatment protocols. Yes, I use what I’ve learned in this program on a daily basis and yes, more than one patient has come back telling me that after treatment they now no longer need that shoulder surgery or hip replacement.

Thanks to you Anthony Von Der Muhll for offering this program in such an organized and accessible way, such that after each class/unit taken, newly learned skills were immediately applicable in clinic.



I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Anthony Von Der Muhll in my DAOM Doctorate program at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Sciences in Oakland, CA where he teaches orthopedics for the DAOM program. I have been in practice for 20 years, and after taking just one class with him I knew he was exceptional and truly one of the best educators I ever met.

The contribution that he brings as a dedicated educator with knowledge, and experience along with a clear and concise way of explaining everything, makes it very useful to learn and put into action into your own practice right away.

His professional commitment to scholarship and to the medicine makes him a great teacher and role model for all of us in this field. If you are looking for an extraordinary program to learn and grow from, then I would highly recommend without reservation taking classes with Dr. Anthony Von Der Muhll.

Barry L. Gommer Jr., L.Ac.

-- BARRY L. GOMMER Jr., LAc., Wilmington, DE, 2023


5-stars for Dr. Anthony Von der Muhll and AOM Professional!! Dr. Von der Muhll provides excellent, high quality instruction and training for anyone interested in an integrative approach to treating orthopedic and sports medicine conditions.

AOM Professional offers a wide variety of continuing education instruction for acupuncturists and other health care professionals interested in integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine. Dr. Von der Muhll provides his students with up-to-date research regarding manual therapies, traditional needling, trigger point needling, dry needling and offers very useful instruction for practice management (medical documentation, report writing for managed care patients), diagnosis and treatment, and therapeutic exercise. If you have the option to attend a live class, the review and practicum lab were extremely valuable in offering hands-on instruction and feedback for diagnosis and treatment. Instructional materials provided through the courses have been valuable for future reference in my own clinical practice.

I'd recommend the Certification in Acupuncture Orthopedics for anyone interested in specialization in orthopedics and sports medicine. However, any of the course offerings by AOM Professional would be beneficial for enhancing a practitioner's knowledge and skill in treating orthopedic and sports medicine conditions.

-- DANIEL ROLA, LAc., Santa Cruz, California, 2022

AOM Professional has significantly advanced my diagnostic and clinical techniques in acupuncture orthopedics.  Dr. Von der Muhll's teachings are clear, credible and extremely practical, allowing for immediate application in clinical practice. The skills acquired from this program have resulted in higher efficiency and effectiveness of all aspects of patient care, including orthopedic testing, charting and treatment. The value of this program extends far beyond fulfilling continuing education units and has ultimately led to an increase in patient referrals and outcomes. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone practicing acupuncture, regardless of their area of specialization.

-- JENNIFER ROOT, LAc., Aptos, California, 2022


The quality, accessibility, and quantity of the information presented in these courses is outstanding. From clinical pearls to an important review of cautions and contraindications, these courses are very useful, even after practicing in this specialty for over 7 years! The material presents a truly integrative approach to orthopedics and sports, orthopedic and pain medicine: western anatomy, bio-mechanics, and pathologies while maintaining a strong focus on traditional Chinese medical theories.

In the past, I've found courses to apply either a TCM or a western orthopedics lens, but Dr. Von der Muhll does a wonderful job of blending the concepts in a way that is practical for patient care, logical for the practitioner, and provides language to discuss findings and treatments with our TCM and western colleagues.

For any practitioner wishing to grow  a highly effective and ethical skill set.

-- LESLIE YEDOR, L.AC., Edwards, Colorado, 2017, updated 2022

In just one module, I've learned more than in 13 years of CEU classes combined. It's knowledge I'm able to apply in my practice immediately.

-- DADALI ZIAI, L.AC., Santa Cruz, California, 2016


I have to say the quality of teaching is nothing but superb. I highly recommend people take his course.

-- ALON MARCUS, DOM, L.AC., DAAPM, Author, Foundations for Integrative Musculoskeletal Medicine: An East-West Approach, Oakland, California, 2015

I can't tell you how much I use the material you taught me every day in my practice!

-- RAINA FERRAN, L.AC., Reno, Nevada, 2014

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Head Instructor Anthony Von der Muhll L.Ac., DAOM, DNBAO, FAIPM

Doctoral-level hands-on, webinar and distance-learning modules taught by Anthony Von der Muhll, L.Ac., DAOM, DNBAO.

Classical and modern acupuncture orthopedics, acupuncture sports medicine, and treatment of work-related injuries and chronic neuromuscular pain conditions. Essential referral-building, documentation, report-writing, and risk management for clinical success. Acupuncture Orthopedics Certification at your own pace! See student testimonials.

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In just one module, I've learned more than in 13 years of CEU classes combined. It's knowledge I'm able to apply in my practice immediately.

Dadali Ziai, L.Ac.

I have to say the quality of teaching is nothing but superb. I highly recommend people take his course.

Alon Marcus, DOM, L.Ac., DAAPM

Thank you for the great class! From clinical pearls to an important review of cautions and contraindications, these courses are very useful, even after practicing in this specialty for over 7 years! The material presents a truly integrative approach to orthopedics and sports medicine. In the past, I've found courses to apply either a TCM or a western orthopedics lens, but Dr. Von der Muhll does a wonderful job of blending the concepts in a way that is practical for patient care, logical for the practitioner, and provides language to discuss findings and treatments with our TCM and western colleagues. The quality, accessibility, and quantity of the information presented in these courses is outstanding. Anthony provides a truly integrated approach to orthopedic and pain medicine: western anatomy, bio-mechanics, and pathologies while maintaining a strong focus on traditional Chinese medical theories. For any practitioner wishing to grow a highly effective and ethical skill set.

Leslie Yedor, L.Ac.

Anthony is a highly trained and skilled acupuncturist offering sports injury and orthopedic clinical expertise highlighted by a passion for teaching.

Daniele Uzes, L.Ac.

Co-founder, People's Integrative Medicine, Capitola CA

I can't tell you how much information I use every day from your classes.

Raina Ferran, L.Ac., OMD

Reno, NV

My success in my career is due in large part to what I have learned from Mr. Von der Muhll's teaching.

Rose Mulhearn, L.Ac.

Resident Acupuncturist, Five Branches University of TCM, Santa Cruz, CA

Program Features

Certification in Integrative Acupuncture Orthopedics

Certification available upon completion of:

  • 221 didactic and practical class hours
  • 21 Case Study and Clinical Mentorship hours
  • Live and written presentation of 1 orthopedic case report that meets STRICTA standards
  • Passage of on-line written and practical certification exam

Hands-on classes, live webinars, distance-learning courses, and clinical mentorship meetings provide advanced clinical training and the skills to survive and thrive in today's competitive acupuncture and integrative medicine environment!

Classes are modular--get started with Certification at any time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I create an account to register for a class?

Your account will automatically be created in the course of your first purchase. All you need to do is to load the class(es) you are interested into your shopping cart, then click on the cart icon, which will take you to the checkout page. Once you enter your information and complete your purchase, you will be able to log in to view your purchase receipt(s), course(s) and Ebooks, and access certificates of completion.

Q: Do I need to purchase the E-book in addition to the class in order to access slides, notes and videos?

No. Access to all course materials--slideshows, notes, videos--are included when you register for a class. The E-books are made available for users who aren't registering for a class and don't need PDAs/CEUs, but just want access notes and slides at a lower cost.

Q: I've purchased a class, how do I access the materials? How do I log in to a webinar?

  • You can always access your classes, including videos, slideshows, and any webinar login instructions or other notes and forms, by logging in to your account, and scrolling down to find the course link(s) under "Courses." The course links take you to course home-pages, which contain the course completion instructions, videos, slideshows and any live webinar login instruction links or other notes.
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Q: Can I do the entire program on-line?

We are working towards making all of our class offerings available as webinars and/or distance-learning self-study courses. except for the Practicum Labs (40 hours), which must be taken in person. The labs are required to obtain the Certification in Acupuncture Orthopedics. We are aware that there are other programs that offer "certification" in acupuncture orthopedics and sports medicine entirely from a distance, but in our experience, the hands-on nature of the material does require some in-person instruction for the skills to be safely and effectively transmitted. You may thus take most of the classes from a distance, but if you want AOM Professional to certify that you have mastered acupuncture orthopedics, you must eventually take the Practicum Labs when they are offered in-person.

Q: When and where are the in-person Labs held?

The Labs are generally held once a year at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, CA. To participate in the Labs, you must have completed the associated didactic Spine & Extremities module as a live webinar, in-person, or distance learning class (not an E-book).

Q: How much does the program cost?

Our three types of classes are priced differently, from low-cost distance-learning classes,  medium-priced live webinars, to higher-cost in-person classes.

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AOM Professional

Acupuncture Orthopedics Certification

Doctoral-level, practical training in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic, sports, work-related and chronic neuromusculoskeletal injuries, pain and disabilities with traditional and contemporary acupuncture, manual, exercise and related therapies.

With Head Instructor Anthony Von der Muhll, L.Ac., DAOM, DNBAO, FAIPM

Certification Program Goals and Objectives

More than a “style,” “technique,” "points," or other mechanistic approaches to symptom management, acupuncture orthopedics draws on diverse traditional and evidence-informed modalities to holistically address neuromuscular injuries, pain, and disabilities to restore health, functioning and well-being. Goals and objectives for certification include:

  • Ability to take a history, examine, evaluate, diagnose, and treat a wide variety of neuromusculoskeletal injuries and pain conditions at a level commensurate with other primary health care professions and mid-level specialists in orthopedics, pain, sports and physical rehabilitation medicine.
  • Ability to recognize and manage emergency medical conditions warranting physician referral.
  • Ability to document and report clinical findings, treatment, and outcomes for neuromuscular injuries, pain, and disabilities using standard and widely-accepted subjective and objective outpatient evaluation methods including functional capacity surveys, joint range of motion, force output, sensory function, etc.
  • Prepare traditionally-trained acupuncturists to work on a referral basis with, and in, physician-lead private and community clinics, hospitals and HMOs.
  • Provide skills, knowledge and abilities for acupuncturists to meet the specific requirements of managed care insurance networks: HMOs, Veteran's Administration, and Workers Comp.
  • Enhanced abilities to build thriving practices, safely, sustainably, and ethically, and to both compete and coordinate successfully with other medical professionals in the fields of orthopedics, sports medicine, physical rehabilitation, and pain management.



Acupuncture Orthopedics Essentials

40 hours: live or distance-learning

Spine and Extremities

120 hours: live or distance-learning

16-hour didactic classes may be taken in-person, or as webinars or distance-learning classes + repetition of associated 8-hour in-person Lab(s). (Didactic classes include hands-on supervised practice, which must be completed by repeating the Lab, if initially taken as a webinar or distance-learning class).

8-hour Labs are only offered as in-person classes

Treating the Jing-Jin ("Sinew Meridians" or Myofascial Tracts)

32 Hours: live or distance-learning

Science of Pain and Acupuncture

14 hours: live or distance-learning

  • Complex and Chronic Pain I: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (3 hours)
  • Complex and Chronic Pain II: Fibromyalgia, Myofascial, and Post-traumatic Pain Syndromes (3 hours)
  • Clinical Applications of Acupuncture Research (8 hours)

Practice and Risk Management

26 Hours: live or distance-learning

The following classes may be either taken when offered as live webinars (8 CEUs @), or for 5 distance-learning/self-study CEUs @ (PDAs pending.) If taken as distance-learning classes, an additional 3 hours in the Case Study and Mentorship Clinic focused on Medical Documentation and Report-Writing hours is required, for a total of 8 hours @.

Case Consultation and Clinical Support Hours

21 Hours: 7 x 3-hour on-line meetings

  • Instructor-led peer review and discussion meetings allow students to present, discuss and get expert help with complex and difficult orthopedic, sports medicine, work-related and pain management cases and questions
  • Discuss options and receive feedback regarding medical documentation and report-writing, practice- and referral-building, and risk management
  • Peer-to-peer education and networking: share your knowledge and experience with and learn from, other acupuncturists


Certification Requirements: Completion of 250 Class Hours, 1 Case Study, and Final Exam

  • Completion of 229 class hours
    • Classes are modular and may be taken in any order (exception: labs are only open to students who have completed the associated didactic module).
    • The following classes are taught in-person, and are, or will be, available as distance-learning pre-recorded webinars:
      • Acupuncture Orthopedics Essentials II, III and V
      • Acupuncture Treatment of the Jing-Jin series
      • Spine and Extremities series
    • The following class series are only available as distance-learning pre-recorded webinars, and may also be offered periodically as live webinars:
      • Acupuncture Orthopedics I & IV
      • Practice and Risk Management classes
      • Science of Pain and Acupuncture classes
    • Labs are only taught in-person.
    • Actual mix of hands-on, webinar, and distance-learning requirements, and CEU/PDA approval may vary in accordance with the policies and standards of the NCCAOM and California Acupuncture Board and other considerations at the time of course offerings.
    • Class schedule and availability is designed to allow for completion within 1 year.
  • Participation in 21 Case Study and Mentorship Clinic hours, a distinctive live on-line meeting format led by certified instructors that allows students to present, discuss, and receive peer and instructor feedback regarding their own challenging clinical cases, as well as meetings focused on special topics in orthopedics, medical documentation and report-writing, risk and practice management, and more. The on-line Clinic hours requirement replaces the in-person observation hours previously mandated by the National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics, which has been unfortunately rendered impractical due to HIPAA and the COVID19 pandemic. Clinic hours are not approved for PDAs or CEUs. Schedule of clinic meetings will be available beginning in 2022, after which they may be taken at any time during the certification program--check back shortly for more information.
  • Verbal and written presentation of one orthopedic case report that meets STRICTA standards during the Clinic hours.
  • Passage of on-line written and practical Acupuncture Orthopedics Certification exams. The written exam consists of 100 questions, all of which must be answered correctly, with unlimited retakes at your own pace allowed. The practical exam consists of a 1-hour web meeting with a senior instructor during which the applicant will be presented with an orthopedic case and asked to demonstrate history-taking, physical exam and diagnostic skills. To sit for the exams, students must have completed all required class and clinic hours and have presented a passing case report, as described above. CEUs/PDAs are not available for the exams. An non-refundable exam fee of $100 is required. For more information or to apply to sit for the exams, please contact info@aomprofessional.com.
  • Continuing education to maintain certification: 8 hours/year in acupuncture orthopedics, sports, pain management or physical rehabilitation medicine. (Courses from other providers may be accepted based on review of course content and learning objectives.)

Note regarding in-person requirements for the Spine & Extremities series: In order to maintain the quality, integrity, and reputation of the Certification program's instruction, we maintain our pre-COVID requirement that the hands-on material from the Spine and Extremities classes be eventually taken in person. For any Spine and Extremities classes initially taken as webinars or distance-learning classes, in order to become certified, you will need to take the associated 1-day review/practicum lab twice--once as required for all certification applicants, and a second time to make up for the hands-on portions of any Spine and Extremities series initially taken as webinars or distance-learning courses. You will be provided with a discount code at the end of any Spine and Extremities classes taken as webinars or for distance-learning, which will reduce the total cost of the webinar + make-up lab to the price of the pre-pandemic live classes--in effect, giving you an additional 8 hours of in-person PDA/CEU instruction at no additional cost beyond the live class equivalent. While this may seem repetitious in print, based upon years of instructional experience, we are confident that taking the didactic classes + repeating the labs will greatly help internalize and consolidate your skills beyond what can be achieved through distance learning alone--many of our students sign up to repeat classes to hone their knowledge and abilities! 

Exam challenge option: rather than re-take the labs as described above, you may contact us to request challenging the Certification Exam. Exam-takers demonstrating proficiency with history-taking, physical exam and evaluation, and diagnosis may be Certified without re-taking the labs.

Benefits of Certification

  • 15% discount towards all future purchases of classes through AOM Professional
  • Free on-going access to AOM Professional's extensive library of course notes, materials and videos
  • Listing in AOM Professional's Provider Directory (under construction)
  • Eligibility to serve as an instructor in Acupuncture Orthopedics through AOM Professional (requires 1 year of post-certification clinical practice and completion of teacher training class and exam, or equivalent--contact AOM Professional for more information)
  • And the skills, knowledge, and confidence, that you can represent to prospective patients, employers, insurers, and other medical professionals, that you have the training and commitment to treat neuromusculoskeletal pain and disability at the highest standards of safety and competence.

Reciprocity with the National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics (NBAO)

  • AOM Professional's Certification in Integrative Acupuncture Orthopedics program is inspired by, modeled after and consistent with the Diplomate program formerly offered by the National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics.
  • The NBAO program was taught for many years by an esteemed cadre of skilled clinicians and instructors including Fred Lerner, D.C., Neal Miller, L.Ac.,  Ted Priebe, L.Ac., Hua Gu, L.Ac., PhD, and Donald E. Kendall, L.Ac., PhD. (now deceased), and others, but has been in limbo since its last program offering in 2012, as many instructors have now retired.
  • NBAO graduates may be granted certification in Integrative Acupuncture Orthopedics through AOM Professional upon furnishing evidence of Diplomate status.
  •  Should the NBAO be re-constituted, AOM Professional will apply for reciprocity for graduates of its Integrative Acupuncture Orthopedics program.
  • AOM Professional Head Instructor Anthony Von der Muhll is a Diplomate of the NBAO (2006). and remains deeply appreciative and respectful to his instructors and all that he learned and benefited from the program.

Reciprocity with the DAOM program of the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences (Oakland, CA)

  • Most of the AOM Professional's Certification Program in Integrative Acupuncture Orthopedics is also taught in the DAOM Program of ACCHS. To obtain DAOM credit for AOM Professional classes, students must be enrolled in ACCHS's DAOM program at the time classes are taken.
  • Depending on specialty track and actual transcript, ACCHS' DAOM program graduates may need to complete additional class hours through AOM Professional, after which they may sit for the Certification exam and apply for IAO Certification. ACCHS DAOM graduates may contact AOM Professional Head Instructor Anthony Von der Muhll, L.Ac. at info@aomprofessional.com
  • For more information about the ACCHS DAOM Program, please contact Program Director Phil Settels, LAc, DAOM, PhD at psettels@acchs.edu


Head Instructor Anthony Von der Muhll L.Ac., DAOM, DNBAO, FAIPM specializes in sports, orthopedic and neuro-musculoskeletal injuries and pain conditions. He became Licensed as an Acupuncturist in 2003 after completing his Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Santa Cruz, CA, and was the first graduate of the Five Branches’ Integrative Sports Medicine program. He earned his Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, CA in 2020. He has served as a Clinical Instructor and Associate Professor at the Five Branches since 2005, and as an Instructor in the Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Program of the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences beginning in 2017, and in the DAOM program of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, CA. He has taught seminars for the Sports Acupuncture Alliance, the California State Oriental Medical Association, California Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine Associates, and the Acupuncture Society of Virginia. He is also a Diplomate of the National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics, a Fellow of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management, and certified as a Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. He is also one of few traditionally-trained acupuncturists who has also become certified as a Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist (dry needling) through Myopain Seminars. He has over 22 years of clinical experience as a sports massage therapist, physical therapy aide, athletic training assistant, and licensed acupuncturist in multi-disciplinary clinics, including SpineMed Associates and the PRIME Pain Medicine Institute. He has also served as an Expert Witness for the California Acupuncture Board (CAB), in civil malpractice litigation, and in regulatory investigations and insurer audits. He is approved by the CAB as a Continuing Education Provider (#1225), and by the NCCAOM as a PDA Provider (#9155).

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What is “Myofascial Trigger Point” Acupuncture?

Myofascial “trigger points” (MTPs) commonly develop either as a primary source of pain from unhealed muscle strains, or secondary to bone, joint, disc and nerve disorders. MTPs can cause pain, tightness, weakness, and tenderness in the affected muscle, erode joint stability and function, and form a vicious cycle with the central nervous system, interfering with sleep and mood.

More than just any tender or “ahshi” point, MTPs are palpable as nodules or “knots” embedded in abnormally tight, fibrous bands of muscle. When pressed or on stimulated, MTPs reproduce recognizable patterns of referred pain to adjacent body regions. The muscle will typically show pain-inhibited weakness and contracture to manual testing.

Traditional acupuncture points can be sites where MTPs commonly develop. Other MTPs have been described in the seminal works of Travell and Simons. There are a variety of MTP needling techniques that can be a useful complement to traditional acupuncture to facilitate rapid and lasting relief of myofascial pain and dysfunction.

Needling myofascial trigger points can help:

  • Activate “myotactic twitch” (muscle relaxation) reflexes that restore normal length, tone, strength, and elasticity.
  • Restore normal joint biomechanics, tracking, and stability.
  • Move blood and lymphatic fluid through tight, adhered or restricted muscle bands, removing wastes and bringing new oxygen and nutrients to help repair injured areas.
  • Reduce pain and tenderness in the affected muscle, as well as the areas of referral.
  • Decrease peripheral input to central nervous system hyper-sensitization.

Myofascial trigger point needling can be combined with other acupuncture techniques, including distal acupuncture, prolo-acupuncture, and electro-acupuncture to restore normal muscle function and improve joint stability and range-of-motion. It can also be combined with active suction cupping, gua sha, tui na and other manual therapies, as well as therapeutic exercises, to help reduce pain and improve posture, ergonomics, and sport activities.

Myofascial trigger point location identification and needling techniques, as well as the referred pain patterns and neuro-anatomy/physiology of  myofascial pain syndromes, are taught throughout the IAO Program, including modules regarding the Spine and Extremities as well as the Myofascial Meridians/jing-jin