Thanks to the expertise and skills that I developed through training with Anthony Von der Muhll, I landed a direct contract with Kaiser Permanente, which catapulted the success of my business. Because of my training, I was able to provide the highest level of care in terms of physical exam, charting, communicating with physicians, and most importantly, providing results driven treatment, as was expected by Kaiser.

The rigorous training and education provided by Anthony proved to have a profound impact on my career and its success. I own 2 acupuncture clinics in Santa Cruz, California specializing in acupuncture orthopedics and pain management. Our business is growing and expanding with the vision in mind of creating employment opportunities for acupuncturists.

As part of the hiring process, we require that our acupuncturists complete certain courses with Anthony Von der Muhll, if they have not already done so, to uphold the highest standard of care. We are also more inclined to hire people from the pool of acupuncturists that have trained under Anthony, and especially those that have completed his 2-year certification program in acupuncture orthopedics.

-- DANIELE UZES D.A.O.M., L.AC., DMQ, President, Solis Acupuncture, Capitola, California, 2017, updated 2022

These courses gave me the most complete and useful set of skills I have learned in my 10+ years of eastern medicine education. The material studied and practiced over a weekend-intensive were immediately applicable in clinic the following week, and yielded quick (often immediate) positive outcomes for patients.

Doctor Von der Muhll is a fantastic, well-organized, and adaptive lecturer, and a consummate professional. With clear learning objectives, well explained concepts and ample supervised practice time, he always left room for (and helped foster) a collegial classroom atmosphere while still keeping class focused on track. He models professional scholarly and clinical behavior while still being friendly and approachable.

Clinically relevant, well-paced, and paradigm expanding for both newer and more seasoned practitioners, these courses elevate eastern medicine education. Truly a gift to our profession, I could not recommend anything more highly.

-- JASON P. SALIM, L.AC, MSTCM, DAOM, Oakland, California, 2022

I studied with Anthony Von der Muhl for several years while in the doctorate program at ACCHS, in Oakland CA. Anthony was the lead professor in orthopedic studies of the program. I can honestly say that what I learned in his classes transformed my practice and brought in a whole new stream of patients and referrals. The depth and the organization of the material made it immediately relevant in my clinic and I use the methods and approaches I learned in Anthony’s classes every day.

Anthony is a patient and gracious teacher - his classes are made accessible for anyone, independent of the background or knowledge. The content is presented in a methodical fashion, very well structured, supported with excellent notes, which makes it easy to go back to the material and review it later. Anthony always made sure the practical portions of his classes are well supported with assistance of his prior students, which made it so much easier for all of the participants.

As a teacher Anthony is generous and approachable, he continues to make contributions and answer questions even after the class work is done. I highly recommend Anthony’s seminars to anyone who wants to advance beyond basics of pain management and get into some serious applications of orthopedics acupuncture.

-- ANYA YUDIN-BAEHRLE, LAc., Niantic, Connecticut, 2022

Anthony Von Der Muhll is one of the greatest teachers of Chinese Medicine that I have ever encountered. His teaching is clear, practical, and profound, all wrapped up in a professional commitment to delivering the highest level of instruction that is deeply inspiring. His work and teaching exemplify what it means to be a true physician and not a technician.

-- BRANDT STICKLEY, LAc., Doctoral Instructor, Portland, Oregon, 2022

The quality, accessibility, and quantity of the information presented in these courses is outstanding. From clinical pearls to an important review of cautions and contraindications, these courses are very useful, even after practicing in this specialty for over 7 years! The material presents a truly integrative approach to orthopedics and sports, orthopedic and pain medicine: western anatomy, bio-mechanics, and pathologies while maintaining a strong focus on traditional Chinese medical theories.

In the past, I've found courses to apply either a TCM or a western orthopedics lens, but Dr. Von der Muhll does a wonderful job of blending the concepts in a way that is practical for patient care, logical for the practitioner, and provides language to discuss findings and treatments with our TCM and western colleagues.

For any practitioner wishing to grow  a highly effective and ethical skill set.

-- LESLIE YEDOR, L.AC., Edwards, Colorado, 2017, updated 2022

In just one module, I've learned more than in 13 years of CEU classes combined. It's knowledge I'm able to apply in my practice immediately.

-- DADALI ZIAI, L.AC., Santa Cruz, California, 2016


I have to say the quality of teaching is nothing but superb. I highly recommend people take his course.

-- ALON MARCUS, DOM, L.AC., DAAPM, Author, Foundations for Integrative Musculoskeletal Medicine: An East-West Approach, Oakland, California, 2015

I can't tell you how much I use the material you taught me every day in my practice!

-- RAINA FERRAN, L.AC., Reno, Nevada, 2014