Head, Neck, Thorax: Review and Practicum Lab

  • Apply, practice, re-inforce, expand upon physical exam and treatment techniques taught in the associated didactic module.
  • Labs focus on areas of particular difficulty, and include presentation, demonstration treatment and discussion of challenging cases.
  • Note: Practicum/Review Labs are open only to participants who have completed the prior associated didactic module:¬†Head, Neck, Thorax.

Head and Central Nervous System Exam

  • Cranial nerve exam
  • Central nervous system exam

Cervico-thoracic Spine Exam

  • Upper extremity reflexes
  • Upper sensory motor exam
  • Upper extremity motor exam
  • Cervical and thoracic spine and tempero-mandibular joint active range-of-motion

Cervico-thoracic Spine Treatment

  • Tui na joint mobilization and prolo-acupuncture for cervical subluxations and facet joint dysfunctions
  • Trigger needling, gua sha, and manual therapies for trapezius, scalenes, sterno-cleido-mastoid, multifidi, intercostals

Case presentation/treatment demonstration and discussion

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