Spine & Extremities — Classes & E-books

The essential core of acupuncture orthopedics: common and significant neuro-musculoskeletal injuries, pain and disability of the spine and extremities. Focus on specific body regions, integrated with the longitudinal ("meridian") approach that distinguishes traditional East Asian medicine:

  • Orthopedic anatomy and patho-anatomy
  • History-taking and interview techniques specific to orthopedics, sports, work-related and chronic pain conditions
  • Orthopedic exam, including functional capacity evaluation
    • Observation, inspection, palpation
    • Range-of-motion: active and passive, including joint-play/end-feel testing
    • Muscle strength and length testing
    • Orthopedic and neurologic special tests
  • Pattern identification and orthopedic diagnosis
  • Treatment of specific tissues, injuries and conditions, with
    • Myofascial trigger point acupuncture
    • Joint stabilization and mobilization ("prolo-") acupuncture
    • Electroacupuncture
    • Neural prolo-acupuncture
    • 7-star, lancet, and 3-edged needling
    • Distant acupuncture
    • Myofascial gua sha
    • Tui na and other manual therapies
    • Advanced cupping methods for orthopedic conditions
    • Exercise therapy, postural and ergonomics re-training
    • Taping techniques
  • Algorithmic flow charts, sample documentation and reporting forms, and red flags for urgent/serious conditions round out the knowledge, skills and abilities required to provide safe and effective care for orthopedic conditions, from head to toe

Required for Certification in Acupuncture Orthopedics:

Format: 2-day/16 hour weekend lecture/demonstration/practice modules + 1-day/8-hour Review/Practicum Labs

Coming soon: Distance-learning/Self-study courses