Free Classes & E-books

Want to learn more about East-West acupuncture orthopedics, but not sure where to start? Need foundational training in musculoskeletal anatomy and kinesiology, sports injuries, and neuromuscular pain management? These free classes and E-books are designed to help you:

  • Chart your course to building the knowledge, skills, and abilities you want and need
  • Learn immediately-applicable take-home techniques, tips and strategies for common complaints
  • Get started with advanced and specialized approaches that can make the difference with chronic and complex pain
  • Explore the purposes, power and value of orthopedic-specific and integrative history-taking and physical exam methods
  • Grow your abilities beyond "cook-book" protocols through understanding fundamental theories and practices of Acupuncture Orthopedics
  • Learn how to learn directly from your patients through taking baseline and re-evaluation measurements of functional capacity--free yourself from dependency on teachers and textbooks!
  • Prepare to get the most out of the Spine & Extremities and Jing-Jin series.

Free Classes: