Spine & Extremities — Anatomy Review and Clinical Practicum Labs

Labs are distinctive features of AOM Professional's Certification program, designed for development and retention of skills through hands-on review of anatomy and kinesiology and guided practice of physical exam and treatment.


Anatomy Labs for Acupuncturists with Jamie Bender

Prepare to get the most out of the Spine & Extremities classes through advance review of clinical anatomy and kinesiology, using guided inspection, palpation, and movement for experiential learning and skill development. Anatomy Labs are not required for Certification, and are usually offered the day before the Spine & Extremities modules for each of 5 body regions:

  1. Head, Neck, Thorax
  2. Shoulder, Arm, Hand
  3. Low Back, Pelvic Girdle and Core
  4. Hip, Thigh, Knee
  5. Calf, Ankle, Foot

Format: in-person


Practicum Labs with Anthony Von der Muhll

Apply, reinforce, and expand upon challenging topics areas from the Spine & Extremities modules. Practicum Labs feature treatment and discussion of challenging cases in a grand rounds setting and demonstrate integration of material into practical clinical flow.

***  Note: Practicum Labs are open only to students who have completed the prior associated didactic class.  ***

Practicum Labs feature hands-on supervised practice of:

  • Orthopedic exam techniques and functional capacity evaluation
    • Range-of-motion: active, passive, and joint-play/end-feel testing
    • Muscle strength and length testing
    • Orthopedic and neurologic special tests
  • Treatment of specific tissues, injuries and conditions, with
    • Myofascial trigger point acupuncture
    • Joint stabilization and mobilization ("prolo-") acupuncture
    • Electroacupuncture
    • Neural prolo-acupuncture
    • 7-star, lancet, and 3-edged needling
    • Distant acupuncture
    • Myofascial gua sha
    • Tui na and other manual therapies
    • Advanced cupping methods for orthopedic conditions
    • Exercise therapy, postural and ergonomics re-training
    • Taping techniques

Actual curriculum varies by body region, and by student requests for assistance with areas of particular technical difficulty.

Required for Certification in Acupuncture Orthopedics:

Please note that for Certification in Acupuncture Orthopedics, each Practicum Lab must be taken once following completion of the associated didactic Spine & Extremities module when taken as an in-person class, and twice if the didactic module was taken as a webinar or distance-learning class.

Format: in-person supervised practice + grand rounds