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“Live Classes” includes In-person Classes and Labs; Live Webinars; and Case Study & Clinical Mentorship Meetings, whether purchased, or accessed for free.

The following classes and products are NOT refundable, and all sales are final:

  1. Distance-learning/Self-study courses
  2. Anatomy/Cadaver Labs
  3. E-Books

Refunds will not be issued for classes or Ebooks purchased for which AOM Professional determines that the purchaser has violated or is violating AOM Professional’s policies, terms or conditions. In the event of termination of purchaser enrollment or subscription, refunds will only be issued for prepaid Live Classes that have not already been taken, subject to fees and deductions as stated elsewhere in AOM Professional’s Refund Policies. AOM Professional is not liable for any losses or damages resulting from termination of class participation or materials access.

Access to all class materials is for one year from registration date. Access to free classes and Ebooks may be for shorter duration as specified. If continued access is desired, E-books and class notes may be purchased on an annual subscription basis.

No warranty is made, express or implied, as to the content, format, completeness, accuracy or usefulness of any classes, meetings, Ebooks, products or materials, including comments from any source, or the timeliness of replies to questions or comments. Instructors and commentators are not liable for use of materials, and purchasers are solely responsible for any and all applications, as well as any damages, losses, or liabilities that result from use of class and Interactive E-book materials.

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Please keep all verbal and written comments on class notes and Ebooks relevant, courteous, professional and constructive. Irrelevant, disrespectful, unprofessional, and harassing or hostile comments will be deleted.

AOM Professional and instructors reserve the right to terminate access to and participation in any class or Ebook at any time in event that the instructor determines the purchaser is engaging any of the following: the purchaser is not performing class techniques in a safe and professional manner or is otherwise endangering other participants; the purchaser engages in disruptive, harassing, threatening or other behavior that interferes with the educational process, environment, or experience of other participants; the purchaser’s state license or malpractice insurance expires or is revoked, placed on probation or otherwise subject to limitations as a result of investigation of potential malfeasance; the purchaser engages in unauthorized duplication, reproduction or distribution of course notes, materials, or audio or video recordings. Violation of AOM Professional policies, terms and conditions may be cause to revoke access to any or all Live class, Distance-learning course, and/or Ebook materials without warning, and bar future purchases, at their sole discretion.



Refund Policy for all Live Classes, including In-person (except the non-refundable Anatomy/Cadaver Lab): tuition refund requests must be made in writing. A $40 cancellation fee, or 40% of tuition for live classes under $100, will be deducted from the amount refunded. As an alternative, purchasers may request a credit for tuition, minus a $10 processing fee. Credits may be applied towards any other product. Refunds will not be issued for live classes missed, commenced, or completed.

Live In-person/Hands-on Classes and Case Study/Clinical Mentorship Meetings: refunds and credits will only be issued for requests received more than 14 days in advance of a module date. Purchasers may request credit towards future classes instead of refunds, however, due to enrollment caps, no guarantee is made that tuition paid in advance for one class or meeting can be transferred towards registration for a specific different class or meeting.

Live Class Cancellation Policies. Every effort will be made to maintain the class schedule as advertised, however AOM Professional reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule in-person classes or live webinars or change program faculty, and in-person class locations or webinar platforms due to circumstances which prevent the instruction or feasibility of the class as planned. AOM Professional is not responsible for any losses, damages, disruptions of business activities, or expenses incurred by registrants due to class adjustments or cancellations. In the event of cancellation of a class, refunds or credit will be issued in full without administrative fees.

Live webinars are broadcast using a third-party platform. No tuition refunds or compensation payments will be issued for any liabilities or damages resulting from the downloading and/or usage of, nor for any difficulties with using third-party platforms to access classes. We will provide reasonable technical assistance within our capabilities but cannot guarantee access to class meetings from devices. We cannot assist with or guarantee internet or cellular connectivity, device functionality, or third-party platform compatibility. Refunds will be issued solely at the discretion of AOM Professional for any problems related to use of the third-party platform application for this class. A $35 cancellation fee will be deducted from the amount refunded.



E-books are for education and informational purposes only, and are not approved for Continuing Education Units or Professional Development Activities, and may not be converted to such units or educational credits at a later date. Physical examination and treatment are described in text-only format and are not designed as a substitute for hands-on instruction. Readers are advised to exercise their own professional caution and judgment with the application of all techniques. AOM Professional is not liable for injuries, accidents, or damages resulting from the techniques described in E-books.