Integrative Orthopedic and Neurologic Physical Exam

Integrative orthopedic and neurologic physical exam blends traditional eastern examination techniques of sinew meridian inspection and palpation with contemporary orthopedic, osteopathic, and neurologic physical examination. Integrative physical exam can both help to guide effective treatment, and allows the acupuncturist to record baseline measurements of functional status for neuro-musculo-skeletal injuries and pain complaints of the spine and extremities, including:

  • Joint range-of-motion, tracking and stability
  • Muscle strength, length and bulk
  • Sensory function
  • Posture, gait, and movement abnormalities
  • Functional capacity deficits
  • Special orthopedic and neurological tests

Integrative Orthopedic and Neurologic Physical Exam

Integrative Orthopedic and Neurologic Physical Exam is an important skill for acupuncturists to:

  • Diagnose and develop treatment plans for common and significant injuries and pain conditions of the spine and extremities in standard medical (ICD-9) and AOM-specific pattern identification terms.
  • Identify urgent/serious medical conditions that warrant immediate referral to physician care or emergency medicine.
  • Evaluate and document functional baselines and progress for Work Comp, HMO, and Auto insurance.
  • Develop one’s treatment skills from monitoring objectively-verifiable responses and changes in tissue function and structure.

Integrative Orthopaedic and Neurologic Physical Exam is taught in the IAPM Program in the spine and extremities modules and Red Flags and Referrals module.