Prolo-acupuncture: the “missing link”

Disruptive/proliferative needling of ligaments, joint capsules and periostial attachments

(“prolo-acupuncture” for short) uses acupuncture needles to break up pathologic scar tissue and adhesions (phlegm and blood stasis knotted together) and stimulate qi and blood flow to promote tissue growth and repair.

More than just needling “ahshi” and tender points, prolo-acupuncture is an advanced technique that depends upon (in this order):

  1. Careful orthopedic physical exam of tendons, ligaments, and joint stability.
  2. Manual reduction of any subluxations.
  3. Precise targeting and stimulation of tissue lesions with acupuncture needle techniques.

The effects of prolo-acupuncture can include:

  • Re-stabilization of joints that have become hyper-mobile from acute trauma or repetitive strains.
  • Improved strength and function of trans-articular muscles.
  • Strengthening of tendon and ligament attachments to underlying bones.
  • Restoration of functional integrity of joint capsules.
  • Decreased joint swelling and pain from biomechanical causes.

Prolo-acupuncture is taught throughout the Integrative Acupuncture Orthopedics Certification Program

Prolo-acupuncture can be called the “missing link” in acupuncture therapy, because it addresses deeper tissues and different structures beyond the reach of many traditional acupuncture and myofascial trigger point needling techniques. By going right to injured tendons and ligaments, it can functionally “re-link” muscle to bone and bone to bone.

Prolo-acupuncture can play an important role in rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries and pain, particularly where recurrent muscle strains and tendinitis are secondary to underlying joint dysfunction and hypermobility.

Prolo-acupuncture techniques are taught in the IAO Live/Hands-on Classes regarding the Spine and Extremities and Myofascial Meridian Pain.