7-star, 3-edged and lancet acupuncture

Superficial puncture with 7-star, 3-edged, and lancet needles can help treat bursitis, tendinitis, blood stasis, ligamentous insufficiency, and chronic myofascial pain resistant to other needle types and techniques, and can also be combined with suction cupping and gua sha for even stronger effects to reduce edema and inflammation and restore normal blood flow in injured muscles and connective tissue. The broader tips of 3-edged and lancet needles and the wider coverage of a 7-star needle have more widespread effects than the precision approach of filiform needles. Combining suction cupping with 7-star, 3-edged and lancet needles enhances their therapeutic effects by draining stagnant body fluids (heat and damp) from the area.

7-star, 3-edged and lancet needle techniques are taught throughout the Integrative Acupuncture Orthopedics classes.