Refund Policies

  • Tuition will be refunded only upon receipt of written refund requests received more than 14 days in advance of a module date. Refunds will not be issued for courses already completed.
  • A $50 cancellation fee will be deducted from the amount refunded.
  • If payment was made by credit card, any associated credit card processing fees will also be deducted from the amount refunded.
  • Discounts for full-course enrollment, early registration, or 1st-year licensee/student status will be deducted from the total amount of refund requests, and will not be credited towards refunds.
  • Enrollees receiving full-course enrollment discounts will not be eligible for refunds for individual modules, but may request cancellation of their full-course enrollment status. Cancellation of full-course enrollment will be subject to an additional 15% administrative processing fee to be deducted from the refund requested (payment in full plan), or added to any balance due (installment plan). After cancellation of full-course enrollment, individual modules may be re-enrolled in at the full, non-discounted rate (without the guarantees of enrollment provided by full-course enrollment status).
  • Due to enrollment caps, no guarantee is made that tuition paid in advance for one module can be transferred towards registration for a specific different module, and tuition transfers will not be provided when such requests are received less than 14 days in advance of the module in question.


Make-Up Classes, Audio-Visual Recordings, and Class Notes

  • Audio-visual recordings of all classes will be uploaded as soon as possible after the class date. Class notes will be available beginning on the class date. Both recordings and notes will continue to be available to those that have registered for the class, at no extra charge, for 2 years after the date of the class, or 2 years after the last class they have enrolled in. (After 2 years, access may be continued for $25/year subscription).
  • Due to the hands-on and participatory requirements of Modules 1-6 and Modules 10-13 and 15-16, IAO Certification Program credit is only available for in-person attendance.
  • For students who are enrolled in the “paid-in-full” and “installment” plans, missed classes may be taken in the next program cycle (2019-2020). While tuition previously paid may not be applied to enrollment in make-up classes, students in the full-course enrollment discount plans will be guaranteed priority enrollment over first-time applicants, and may apply their full-course discount to make-up class tuition (-20% for paid-in-full, -15% for installment plan).
  • Personal audio and video recording is prohibited except by permission of the instructor.
  • Distribution and sale of course notes or audio or video recordings is prohibited.


Termination of Enrollment

AOM Professional/Anthony Von der Muhll, L.Ac. reserves the right throughout the program to terminate the participation of any participant at any time in event that the instructor determines:

  • The participant is not performing class techniques in a safe and professional manner or is otherwise endangering other participants.
  • The participant engages in disruptive, harassing, threatening or other behavior that interferes with the educational process,environment, or experience of other participants.
  • The participant’s state license or malpractice insurance expires or is revoked, placed on probation or otherwise subject to limitations as a result of investigation of potential malfeasance.
  • The participant engages in unauthorized duplication, reproduction or distribution of course notes, materials, or audio or video recordings.

In the event of instructor termination of enrollment, refunds will not be issued for classes previously taken or in progress. Refunds will only be issued for any pre-paid courses that have not yet been taken, subject to fees and deductions as stated in the refund policies as stated above.

CAB CEP #1225