Guide to Interactive E-books

Interactive E-book Contents

  • Interactive E-book provide access to the same materials that are used to support live and distance-learning classes.
  • Depending on the class, E-books may include: notes, slideshows, clinical flow diagrams, graphics, sample chart notes, treatment plans, video links, and other documents and materials. No guarantee is made or implied as to the content and resources of any specific E-book, beyond the general description of class content on the class page.
  • E-books are living documents and resources, and may be revised by the author to improve your learning experience. Check back for improvements and updates!

E-book Access and Subscriptions

  • E-books are made immediately accessible for 1 year from the date of your purchase.
  • If you are accessing the E-book as part of purchase of a live or distance-learning class, your access will automatically terminate 1 year after your purchase date. (You may continue to access the E-book by purchasing a stand-alone subscription.)
  • If you purchased the E-book as a stand-alone product, at the end of your year of access, you will receive a notification email that will allow you to cancel the subscription. The E-book will otherwise automatically renew on an annual basis (minus the initial set-up fee).
  • You may also request non-renewal of a subscription at any time by emailing Please specify which E-book it is you wish to have access cancelled at the end of your current year's subscription.

E-books are for information only, not for credit

Here’s how Interactive E-books work:

  1. You must log in to your account to access your E-book(s). Once logged in, you can find your E-books under your Account, or go directly to the Library and find your E-book.
  2. You can view E-book materials on any device or browser, but materials may not be download, printed, or shared.
  3. You may ask questions or post comments by clicking on the "Comment" icon in the upper right corner of the document. The author will be able to view your post and may respond in the comment thread, and/or may edit the document per your suggestion or question. Edits/deletions may occur if a comment is accepted by the author as a helpful correction or enhancement of the material, and/or to preserve the readability, focus, and professional orientation of the document.
  4. If you have questions about why a comment or question was edited or deleted, please email Google Doc archives the document history so questions and comments may be restored if deemed necessary by the author.
  5. The authors welcome constructive critiques to enhance the learning value of the Interactive E-books. You may  comment publicly on the E-book, or email feedback to

Thank you for your purchase of an Interactive E-book! We hope you find the information useful.