Lumbo-Sacral Spine, Abdominal and Gluteal Musculature, and Pelvic Girdle: Review and Practicum Lab

With Instructor Anthony Von der Muhll, L.Ac., DNBAO, FAIPM

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Course Content:

  • Practice, apply, re-inforce, expand upon physical examination and treatment techniques taught in the associated didactic module.
  • Labs focus on areas of technical difficulty, and presentation & demonstration treatment and discussion of challenging cases.
  • Note: Practicum/Review Labs are open only to participants who have completed the prior associated didactic module: Treating the Core: Lumbo-sacral Spine, Abdominal and Gluteal Musculature, and Pelvic Girdle.

Central Nervous System Exam

  • Pathologic reflexes

Lumbo-Sacral Spine Exam

  • Lower extremity reflexes
  • Lower extremity sensory motor exam
  • Lower extremity motor exam
  • Lumbar AROM

Lumbo-Sacral and Core Muscular Treatment

  • Prolo-acupuncture for lumbar facet, sacro-iliac and pubic symphysis joints
  • Soft joint mobilizations for sacro-iliac and pubic symphysis joints
  • Trigger point needling, gua sha, and manual therapies for lumbar, abdominal and gluteal musculature
  • Core strengthening therapeutic exercises

Case presentation/treatment demonstration and discussion

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