Hip, Thigh and Knee: Review and Practicum

  • Labs focus on areas of technical difficulty, and provide an opportunity for presentation, demonstration treatment and discussion of challenging cases.
  • Practice, apply, re-inforce and expand upon physical exam and treatment techniques taught in the associated didactic module.
  • Note: Practicum/Review modules are open only to participants who have completed the prior associated didactic module: Hip, Thigh, Knee.

Hip, Thigh and Knee Physical Exam

  • Hip AROM measurements
  • Hip PROM/joint end-feel testing
    • FABER
    • FADIR
  • Manual strength testing of thigh and buttock muscles
    • Gluteus minimus, medius and maximus
    • Hip external rotators
    • Tensor fascia lata
    • Rectus femoris
    • Sartorius
    • Iliopsoas
    • Medial and lateral quadriceps
    • Medial and lateral hamstrings
    • Hip adductors
    • Popliteus
  • Thigh special tests
    • Thomas test
    • Ober test
  • Knee AROM measurement
  • Knee PROM/joint end-feel, and special orthopedic tests
    • Fluid assessment, patellar ballotment
    • Valgus, varus, anterior/posterior, rotation, and shear testing
    • Patello-femoral examination and testing


  • Trigger point needling, manual therapy and cupping for gluteals, hip rotators, iliotibial band, quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors
  • Disruptive/proliferative needling of the knee
    • MCL, LCL, ACL, PCL ligaments
    • Coronary ligaments and meniscii
    • Patello-femoral tendons/ligaments, bursa and joint
    • Superior tibio-fibular joint
  • Patello-femoral taping
  • Exercise therapy for hip and knee pain

Case presentation/treatment demonstration and discussion

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