Hip Thigh Knee: 2015 Videos

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Urgent & Serious Medical Conditions Link
History, Part 1 Link
History, Part 2 Link
Physical Exam, Part 1 Link
Physical Exam, Part 2 Link
Physical Exam, Part 3 Link
Physical Exam: Strength Testing Overview Link
Physical Exam: Hip, External Rotation Link
Physical Exam: IP Test Link
Physical Exam: Ober Test Link
Physical Exam: Abduction Tests Link
Physical Exam: Thigh & Knee Inspection Link
Physical Exam: Thigh & Knee Link
Physical Exam: Sciatic Nerve Link
Physical Exam: TFL Link
Physical Exam: Quads & Hamstrings Link
Physical Exam: Patella, 1 Link
Physical Exam: Patella, 2 Link
Physical Exam: Popliteus Link
Physical Exam: Rectus Femoris / Lachman Tests Link
Physical Exam: Lachman Test Link
Physical Exam: Sartorius Link
Physical Exam: Adduction Test Link
Physical Exam: Meniscus Tests, Apley Grind & McMurray Link
Anatomic Norms & Documentation of Buttock & Hip Exam Link
Extra-Articular Diagnosis & Treatment: Hamstring Link
Extra-Articular Diagnosis & Treatment: Foam Roller Link
Extra-Articular Diagnosis & Treatment: Gluteal / Buttock Link
Extra-Articular Diagnosis & Treatment: Gluteal Exercises Link
Diagnosis & Treatment: Hip Link
Intra-Articular Diagnosis & Treatment Link
Intra-Articular Diagnosis & Treatment: Knee Link
Intra-Articular Treatment: Medial Triad Link
Extra-Articular Treatment: Ligamentous Prolotherapy Link
Extra-Articular Treatment: Patellofemoral Tendonitis Link
Extra-Articular Diagnosis & Treatment of the Knee: McConnell Taping Link
Knee Rehabilitation Exercise Link


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Capsular Hip PROM (FADIR) Link
Buttock / Hip Manual Strength Testing Link
Piriformis Manual Strength Testing Link
Iliopsoas & TFL Manual Strength Testing Link
Sartorius Manual Strength Testing Link
Quadriceps / Hamstring Strength Testing Link
Hip Adductor Manual Strength Testing Link
Popliteus Manual Strength Testing Link
Knee Stability, Passive A/P stress testing Link
Passive Knee Stability testing Link
PCL/ACL Tests & Treatment Link
ACL/MCL, Treatment Link
Cruciate Ligament Review Link