COVID19 and our class offerings

We have decided to offer our Hip Thigh Knee class currently scheduled for April 4-5 as a live webinar rather than in-person, so as to help reduce transmission of COVID19, and to comply with Alameda County’s stay-at-home orders regarding this pandemic.  We are asking the California acupuncture board to re-approve this class on April 4th and 5th for distance-learning CEUs on an emergency basis.
The one day Lab/Practicum on Monday April 6th is by nature a hands-on class that seems to us to make little sense to offer as a webinar, so we are planning to reschedule it at a later date as soon as possible after the stay home orders have been relaxed.
At present we can offer the following options for those of you who have already registered for this weekend’s classes:
  1. If you would like to take the weekend didactic class as a live webinar, we will keep your registration active. We are planning to use a Zoom webinar app (which can be downloaded for free onto any device). Zoom has a chat room feature that will allow you to post questions in real time, and review a video later as well, and we are planning to have a demonstration subject, so it will be similar to the live class in most respects, except there will be no supervised practice. We do understand nonetheless that this may represent a loss of value for you vs. the hands-on training that you were hoping for, in recognition of which we are happy to extend a discount code that would give you 30% off any future class offerings if you wish to keep your registration for this class.
***Although it seems highly likely and reasonable to us for the CAB to agree to our request for re-approval as distance-learning, we cannot yet guarantee that the class will in fact be approved for 16 hours of distance CEUs. We will let you know as soon as we have a definitive response.***
  1. If you would prefer not to take this class as as live webinar, and regarding the registration fees for the 1-day Lab/Practicum for those who signed up for both, we can offer the following options:
    1. We can also keep your registration fees on your account for use at later date. We do have one upcoming live seminar scheduled for May 2-4 (Calf, Ankle, Foot), which we are hoping to be able to offer in-person, however, we cannot guarantee that this class too will not be subject to the same stay-home order. We do not have any further live classes scheduled at this time, and we are pivoting to launching all our Integrative Acupuncture Orthopedics classes as distance learning ASAP. (We also offer a series of detailed class notes as non-credit “E-books.” ). You may use your credit towards any of these options, however you will need to notify us in writing of your preferred purchases, and we will reply with the appropriate codes to make your “purchase” for free.
    2. We can also refund your tuition at any time without our usual fees and our usual 14-day advance notice requirement, to allow you maximum flexibility to make your decision later, up until the day of the class.
We will keep you informed as soon as we have a response from the CAB, as well as if there is any change of circumstances. We look forward to hearing your preferences, which will help us to plan accordingly.
Thank you for bearing with us as we adapt as quickly as we can to this fast-changing situation.
Stay safe and well,
Anthony Von der Muhll, L.Ac.
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